THE JAW (2013)

The Jaw follows two young men, possibly art students, disappointed with their precarious situation they plot to ‘dislocate the jaw’ of a rich Freemason. Based on the Popol Vuh story of Hunahpu and Xbalanque, who prepare to kill the boaster Seven Macaw.

In Mayan mythology the jaw was considered holy and jaws of the deceased were often decorated with precious stones. In the Mayan vigesimal numeral system (base 20) numbers 1-10 are depicted by profiled heads of gods. For numbers 10-20 one substitutes the jaw of the numeral god with the death gods jaw.

The Ara Macaw is native to Central and South American rain forest and is known for its human voice imitation.
Experimental-Narrative Film
Running Time: 7 min
Language: English
Shooting Format: HD video
Exhibition Format: HD video file (16:9)
Performances by: Charlie Satterlee, Kristof Trakal
Assistant Camera: Kristina-Talisa Jaggard
additional footage: Bastian Köpf
Music: Big Debbie and Georg Friedrich Händel
Editor: Kristof Trakal