Money on Mondays (2010-2012)

round-table series
University of Arts Berlin (UdK)
In collaboration with Till Wittwer, Dargelos Kersten
Money on Mondays, was a weekly table-discussion series around alternative economies. We invited entreneurs, computer specialists, film makers a.o. to present their practices as economic strategies. We developed a „discrusive identity“ (as opposed to corporate identity) centered on Mountains, as symbols of spiritual places, resistance movements and neoliberalisms genesis with the Mont Pelerin Society or the Davos World economic forum. Alpine Desire was both a pun on Berlin as devoid of mountains, and devoid of money.

For the talks we developed a specific Setting and Narration: the guests were hosted by a fictional board of Alpine Desire, and gathered around a 7 m long wooden table on which up to 25 guests could sit to discuss. We served lard, bread and beer. Weekly fan collectors stickers were issued that the participants could put in their Fan magazine / corporate note books. The conversations were live streamed.

The series ran over 2 years and sparked different project shoot-offs – such as Casino, Trader House Rules or

Guests a.o. Rafael Horzon, etsy, Lior Shamriz, Max Linz, Dirk Fleischmann