The Power House was a participatory installation collaboratively develloped by art and film students at the California Institute of the Arts, from the 5th-9th december 2013. a group exhibition was installed into the permanent film set of Calarts, opened on the first night and shifted its curation over the days, some pieces beeing functional, some beeing fictional or otherwise. in the course of the 5 days a film crew is beeing displayed as a live performance shooting a short called theexhibition, about a curator organizing and installing an exhibition. as a third production, a theater play, HOW, about two youtube tutorial makers is beeing written and rehearsed in the set and performed for the closing of the event. other performative interventions were implemented like an alien yoga session, live music, a reading, screenings of short films, discussion rounds. a crew of participants was invited to live at the space for the time of its production and beeing subject to a reality tv apparatus (cameras, microphones, a live mixing and effect machine) that was open to the public and the material streamed live online. the Power House was a group, an event, a place, a concept, an utopia aswell as a concrete educational experiment.


statement written prevoius to the Power House
by Kristof Trakal, 2013_oktober

The Power House Diary

pre-production and event narration, selfcontaining document by Kristof Trakal, 2014_june

Film making as performance

by Lior Shamriz, 2014_january, published on his website spekulativ pictures

roleplay cards for the power house dinner

cards used as noise agents at the power house dinner to talk about ideas for the structure

the exhibition

(film script) by Kristof Trakal, 2013_december


(theater play script)

Filmmaterial Edit log

edit log list of the entire footage recorded during the power house event