PRPR IV: Vorbereitungen (2019)

Preparations (2019)
Narrative Film
(84 min, Germany)
Vorbereitungen (Preparations) is a browser film. A cursor leads the viewer through the internet presence of a group of tutorial makers from Berlin – their websites, their home videos and social media profiles. For their survival video channel they document themselves for an experiment – how to leave the surveilled space of post-socialist society. A make-believe game as preparation for resistance. As they occupy a gated former GDR military area they try to involve a cyber activist who was part of a leftist terror cell in the 1990s but this causes complications.
Many of Germany's contemporary surveillance policies are formulated in the context of East Germany’s post-revolution, haunted by fascist terrorism and Prepper networks, conspiring for a right-wing take over. Preparations is a film about a generational gap and the desire of millennials for the political urgency of the 1990s, it’s a film about East German imaginaries, DIY culture, YouTube genres and anti-surveillance.

Festival Kit

Preparations (2019)

Original Title: Vorbereitungen
Running Time: 84’ 36’’
Language: German / English
Subtitles: English
Shooting Format: HD video
Exhibition Format: HD video file (16:9)


Performers: Mohammed Sahardid, Cornelia Herfurnter, Elda Sorra, Petja Ivanova, Nicolas Mayer, Clarisse Destailleur
Kamera: Cary Cronenwett
Sound: Shen Sum-Sum
Production Design: Elisabeth Kozerski, Lysander Rohringer
Costumes: Leonie Börger
Music: Anna Luisa Petrikso
Post Production: Esteban Rivera, Ana Gzirishvili
Director, Editor: Kristof Trakal
Production Assistance: Phillip Fröhlich

Das Melodrama und die verzögerte Pre-Production der Ost-Millenials